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Herbal Cleansers

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Sweet Apple Foaming Cleanser

FANIE's newest botanical cleanser, developed in response to customer requests. As with other FANIE cleansers, benefits include deep pore cleansing with no soap residue. This sweet apple scented cleanser is delicate enough to be used on the face and entire body and comes in a foaming pump dispenser. net wt. 7 oz

net wt. 7 oz (207ml) - Sweet Apple Foaming Cleanser $24.00
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Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser

The whole family can use the original liquid botanical body and bath cleanser with a floral freshness, naturally invigorating. Is gentle enough for baby delicate skin. Skin appears to spring alive with a healthy glow and youthful look. Benefit from deep pore cleansing, no soap film residue on your skin, the tub or shower stall. Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser can also be used as a "wet shave" on legs, face, etc . net wt. 16 oz

net wt. 2 oz

net wt. 16 oz (470ml) - Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser $35.00
net wt. 2 oz (65ml) - Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser $5.00
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White Oak Cleanser

The first step to the appearance of radiant healthy skin begins with cleansing. The appearance of soft, supple, fresh and vibrant skin can be yours. White Oak cleanser contains no soap or other caustics that may leave damaging residue on the surface of your skin. Soap based cleansers, over time, can leave skin damaging residues or strip the skin of it's natural moisture balance. White Oak Cleanser contains no detergents to dry or strip the skin. It is non- oily and leaves no harmful residues or greasy films. It is gentle enough for the baby's skin, yet deep cleaning for use by the entire family.

Net wt 8 oz (235 ml) - White Oak Cleanser $20.00
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White Oak Cleansing Creme

Rich in soothing emollients, a water soluble creme base with unique herbal oils, for sensitive skin and dry skin types, gentle to the most fragile skin. Gentle yet highly effective. Use as a superior make up remover for all skin types, leaving the appearance of youthful, clean skin without a greasy residue .net wt. 5 oz

Net wt 5 oz (160g) - White Oak Cleansing Creme $23.00
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White Oak Herbal Shampoo

If used regularly, progressive results help encourage clean, manageable healthy hair and scalp, with the appearance of more body and thickness. Say goodbye to hair that appears dull, lifeless and dry. net wt. 8 oz

Net wt 8 oz (235 ml) - White Oak Herbal Shampoo $19.50