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FANIE (Fan-nay) - From the people who care... with amazing head-to-toe holistic professional and home care health and beauty systems, that is effective and unique using NO animal fats, animal oils or animal parts and NO sugar, alcohol, synthetics, silicone or caustic ingredients.. Successfully used by men and women of all ages and skin color worldwide in excess of 58 years, FANIE products provide realistic solutions to skin, hair and nail care naturally. Discover for yourself realistic results inside every jar of FANIE pure botanical products... "No Promises, Just Results."

Troubles with Bubbles

What is proper skin care?

Basic skin care starts with proper cleansing. Most cleansers will rid the skin of dirt and oils. This is done by literally dissolving grime and dirt for release into an easy to remove solution by rinsing. Soap is a very effective, easily available, a convenient cleanser that seems to perform these functions.

Composed of fatty acids (usually animal fat but sometimes vegetable fats or oils) and lye, the soap molecule is double-ended; one end likes grease and grime and the other likes water. The grease-loving end attaches itself to dirt on the skin and the water-loving end then puts the grease into solution to be rinsed away -- at least, that is the way it is supposed to work.


Hyaluronic Acid Facts

It was many years ago the first time I heard the word "Hyaluronic Acid" from my late husband, Dr. Clyde Johnson who was involved with his partner, Frank Homer pharmacist and owner of the O C drug store by Saint Joseph Hospital in Orange California. It was a miraculous chemical formulated to help burn patients.


Why bags and dark areas under eyes?

It could mean a number of reasons that cause bags and dark areas under and around the eyes, besides not enough sleep. The darkness can also be generic in families which I have seen mostly in Middle Eastern people besides other nationalities, especially with olive type skin. Darkness under eyes may be an internal medical condition such as from kidney failure etc.only medical doctors know.


Why facial skin pores?

I have been a professional cosmetologist since the 60's besides a California State Cosmetology licensed teacher, also owner and operator of 9 full service beauty Salons and did the accreditedation of a State Beauty College, as a owner and operater. Many facial clients that came in for their first treatment would complain about their large pores and say a Volkswagen could fit into their pores! No wonder, they viewed their facial skin under a magnifying glass.  I would remind them, "out in public we don't look at them under a magnifying glass." But we have the solution to this problem ...


FANIE Unveils Two New Products

You asked, we listened, due to most  people not having the time to mix and lay down for 45 minites with a enzyme masque treatment -  we went back to the drawing board and formulated two new products for the FANIE line...  A liquid tightening and toning skin masque and named it  A.S.A.P. and the name fits.

We also formulated our Sweet Apple Foaming Botanical skin Cleanser as the sister product. These products made their debut in the Emmy and Oscar Awards gifting bags and they work wonders on all types of skin.

The Sweet Apple Foaming Botanical Cleanser is a delicate cleanser that can be used on the face and body. As with all FANIE cleansers, this deep pore foaming cleanser leaves no residue after rinsing. This skin cleanser has a sweet apples scent that is not overpowering and comes in a foaming dispenser, also wonderful for shaving leaving no razor burns.

The A.S.A.P. Liquid Skin Tightening and Toning  is our re-introduction of the liquid masque from so many years ago. This product can be used by men and women of all ages and skin color and especially for people on the go with no time for personal skin care.. Squeeze in a complete masque in 20 minutes or less. Already in liquid form, no measuring or mixing. Simply cleanse the skin with our unique cleanser, then apply the liquid masque with your finger-tips, wait 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse off with warm water with a soft cloth or in the shower. Youthful glowing healthy skin is apparent from the first use.

No promises... Just results!

FANIE who?Who's FANIE -- As you browse the FANIE International website, chances are you are shopping for a skin care product that really works. Like everyone else, you are looking for the "perfect fix", the magic bullet, or instant cure. There are too many "breakthrough" technologies for you to navigate. Well, you are not alone. Please read the History & Philosophy behind the FANIE line of products.

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